I am a New York sub and have known Domina Hekatrine for the past 3 months.  She is by far the most captivating and powerful dominant I have encountered. She is a mixture of beauty, brains, and sadistic power.  Her gaze emasculated me and helped me find the true man in me I hid so long. The man always behind Domina Hekatrine. The man always suffering for her feminine power. The man who is powerless before the powerful.

      She is the embodiment of the perfect female. A woman whose eyes lead me to instant sub space. A woman I long for. Cry for. Yet I can never have.

      My mind wanders when I see her. A fantasy of grown man getting his pants pulled down by a gorgeous woman. As I stand there humiliated with my pants around my ankles and my erect manhood on display she readies the strap for a merciless beating.  A fantasy of being pinned against the wall exposed to her eyes boring into my soul. A trembling sub expecting a caress, but instead finding her knee exploding into my groin. I nearly faint as waves of pain ripple through me as she holds me close to feel my body contract and my pathetic heart beat.

      If she is a drug, I am an addict. Her spit is worth more then my being. I am the man I am because of the woman she is.

      I write this with my balls tightly strung and Domina Hekatrine’s name scrawled across my excuse for a member. A natural occurrence for a troll of a man before the epitome of a true goddess.



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