The life of a professional Mistress brings many interesting challenges and new experiences. 
Take the other night. I had never mummified anyone, but now I was hearing that request. 
I asked him if he would like the session for free in exchange for being my “lab bottom.” I understand that this isn’t the ideal situation for everyone, but he seemed excited to accept the offer.
Making sure that we had avenues of communication in case he needed to notify me if he felt anything was going wrong, I began to wrap him up in that handy bondage tool, Saran-Wrap. Then I lay him down on a sheet on the floor. I teased him with my feet for an hour and a half. Yep: an hour and a half.
I alternated between slapping, pinching, poking, covering his eyes, and plugging his nose (the slave had tape over his mouth), all with my feet. For a bit I just read (a fascinating book on 19th century psychiatry), either with my feet propped up on his face, or rhythmically massaging my feet with his face and tongue.He fought a little at first, but it was nothing that wasn’t taken care of with a few slaps and a couple of minutes of showing him that he was going to do what I wanted.
At this point I modified his posture so that his head was accessible and I could get into a comfortable position lying next to him. I then trained him to kiss my feet when I said “Kiss” and to stick his tongue out when I said “Tongue,”. Suffice it to say, I enjoyed this session.
The session came to an end organically when we started talking about music, musicians, and venues. In the end, he tipped me and I appreciated it.