I thought this may be helpful, as it is a common concern.


Subject: “Having said that, your main motivation is money, correct ?”

Me: “Good morning.

 I’m not always into answering personal questions(especially to undisclosed recipients, but I accept that represents a large percentage of the online community and I understand), but it’s beautiful out and I’m sitting in the garden. The sun makes me very happy.

 I’m obsessed with sex, BDSM, fetish, altered states of mind and control. It has been unhealthy for me in the past because I didn’t know how to keep balance in my life and being a professional is a big part of that. Like anyone who is fortunate enough to do what they love for a living, I have to find harmony between my passion and my business sense, remember what and who got me where I am today and keep focused on my direction in life. I am selective about the ones that I play with, as I recommend everyone is, and I am protective of my time and my enjoyment of life.

 I know you may have been looking for a “yes” or a “no”, but it really depends of which part of me you are asking. Personal question=personal answer. Yes. My business and my clients are a major priority of mine, as they should be.