Good morning Miss Katherine.

I’ve been thinking of the wording of this email for some time now. I wanted it to come out on paper exactly as my thoughts intended on it being heard. I might not be able to capture it all, but I’m going to try my best.

Since I’ve met you, you’ve enlightened me. I could tell from our first conversation you were anything but ordinary. Immediately, i felt at ease and very comfortable with you. It was almost like I’d known you previously. We went shopping to that store afterward, and yet again you delivered a level of comfort I’ve not known before.

You allow me to be me. You make me feel good about myself, and in all honesty I’ll never truly grasp this. I’m never ashamed to voice my inner feelings and/or desires to you, and in all honesty I’ve never experienced this either before. My whole life I’ve been ashamed to come out as who I truly am. Since meeting you, you’ve given me the strength and comfort to begin this process. So far, my parents and one of my fraternity brothers (who’s gay) now know, and their level of support and acceptance has been mind boggling.

I have no one to thank except you. With you, I feel all things are possible. I pray that I’m able to reciprocate at least a little back for you. I seek to be someone you’re proud of, someone who’s on the same level as you. Someone who can surprise you sometimes by pushing you away on the dance floor only in actuality want to pull even closer.

I know femdom is a side business for you, and I’m imagining you have a few full-time subs. I seek to be your sub that continually raises the bar of your expectations, and with time, I hope to be the one you compare all your other subs to. I know I have a low pain tolerance, especially when your doing anything involving my balls, however I seek to work on that, and I know, if anyone’s capable of letting my mind escape during a period of pain, it’s you.

Pleasing you is paramount to my desires. Lighting your cigarette is my job, even though I may politely ask you to stop smoking for your own health. Holding your coat for you. Picking up spilled food. Anything. Anything to raise you up is a job I eagerly accept. As your sub, I want to be the one you know you can rely on.

All my best to and for you, Miss Katherine. Because of you, I’m becoming who I truly am. I’ll always be in debt to you.

Your slut,