Good morning Katherine;

Drove more than 300 miles today on little sleep. The images  keep flooding my mind. ( Do I have an illness? that only you could cure?)
It was beautiful. On Sundays Katherine would put on a  beautiful dress and have a flower in her dark hair when we went to church. It was a day of holding her hand, watching her eyes and being moved by the spirit of the choir, more than a 100 voices. When we returned home worship service continued. In the house of the Lord and the Temple of Katherine.
I thought of clothes I might buy for you. I also thought of clothes I would design for you.
So much on my mind. Mom’s condition. My condition, thinking I should see an addictions doctor and think about stopping drinking. It has contributed to the health problems I have.
Maybe I see you as a heavenly escape. And we all have to serve something or somebody. It could be an idea, a cause, a religion or it could be a beautiful dominant woman. 
Wednesday appears to be the only night we could meet. Thank you for your kind patience in reading so many emails. I will make things right. Ask of me and I will try.