I’ve been told recently that it is difficult for a man to find a woman who will allow her feet to be worshiped.

Why so discouraged? As far as I know, all the pro’s in this town should offer foot fetish sessions(very easy). If you’re looking for this within the context of a personal relationship, I would avoid contacting business women(unless it’s for help in this category and you are willing to compensate her for her time and energy), and look to personal ads.

Also, you can be straight forward with the women around you, whom you are interested in. It feels very nice to a lady, when her feet are pampered. Offer to take her shoe shopping, to massage her feet, and to paint her toe-nails. Smell them and kiss them. Be up-front about the fact that it turns you on. Watch her feedback. Do not be ashamed, and if she doesn’t like it, then it just means she doesn’t appreciate her feet like you do and you need to move on right then and there. I am sure you will find your foot Goddess. Just keep trying.