It was our first session. We met at Twisted Cedar Estate, which was beautiful, as always.

We made our introductions. I collared and leashed him. Then we hurried outside to survey the surrounding wilderness before the sun set. After a bit, I led him to a small clearing off of the trail where I proceeded to unbutton his shirt. His eye contact was intense and unbroken. There was a sense of irreverence coupled with an explicit desire for intimacy, uncommonly found in a first session. And as I removed his shirt to expose him, I saw gratitude and anticipation for the evening ahead of us.

What followed was a night of…fast, slow. Fast-fast, slow.





Hard. Hard. Hard. HARD.

“You’re tired. Go to sleep.”

“Wake up. I have something for you. Hold still. Shut up.

Eat that. Drink this.

Hmm. Do I have bad aim?


“Yes, I’m still here. You want me to remove those?

What are you going to do for me?”

“Let me show you what you want. And give you what I want.”

“Relax… Breathe… Accept it… It will be better for you.”

“Nap time.”

“Wake up. Guess what you get for breakfast, darling.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                It was a blast.