It’s different for everyone, but often misunderstood.

One of the reasons that I love impact play so much is that it seems to be so therapeutic.  When administered properly, a good flogging can be very relaxing.  A good caning can be very stimulating and a good spanking can be very comforting…and hot as hell.

Sometimes, impact play can be used as a way of coping with the everyday pain that comes with just being alive.  The ability to push ones-self(or to allow someone else to push them) to a point of resigning to that which is and always will be outside of their control, despite the momentary agony that it brings, is a task that is reserved for the strong of heart.

I also think that sometimes we stash parts of ourselves behind the things that we tend to avoid at all costs, such as situations that bring pain and discomfort.  By honestly allowing ourselves to experience these things, we almost can’t help but to discover more about who we are and how we relate to the world.  Evolutionarily, I believe that our bodies are actually built to both endure and perform far beyond what the modern world demands of us.  After millions of years of development in the harsh wild, experiencing a sudden stop followed by a lifetime of extreme understimulation may leave a creature feeling a bit out of sorts.  Just sayin.

Also, a lot of people find that combining the rush that a good solid beating brings with sexual stimulation can lead one to an intense apex, that cumming alone is ashamed to be compared to.

I do think there are many more reason why we enjoy impact play.  This is just a few, and I get a little tired of sadists catching flack.  Besides, what’s so terrible about pain anyway?