From what I had gathered from our meeting, you are an individual who is highly capable and who historically has high standards for himself.  You are very sexual and very dynamic.  But for some reason, you’ve lost your passion in life.  You’ve lost your motivation.  Your zest.  You sit around, smoke pot and masturbate all day, as though you have nothing to live for.  That is very sad for me to hear.  I think it would be wonderful for us to explore this together to find the root cause of it so that you can heal.

But I’m not into that pussy shit.

What you really need to do is nut up.  Get off your ass and get your shit taken care of.  You are abstaining because you have a goal that you are pursuing.  Several, I would hope.   Goals that are more important than sex.

In the end you are capable of being a fantastic lover, one who adores and is adored by the women he is fucking.  But a fantastic lover is not a slave to his sexuality, he is a master of it.  And that’s what you will be, if you listen to me.

Stop jerking off.