I could see the nervousness radiating from him as we entered the dungeon.  His mind was racing.  He worried about germs, and rightfully so, but I couldn’t help but wonder if there was another sort of trust that needed extra attention as well.  So when he expressed interest in hypnosis, something that I love, I was delightfully surprised.  Since it was a state of mind that he most wanted from our time together, I found it most appropriate to begin by inducing a trance and bringing this state out of him. 

It was quite lovely.  As we entered hypnosis together, time seemed to lose it’s structure.  The tension in his face an body slowly subsided as he followed my words into a beautiful state of bliss, relaxation and subservience.  His cock, rock hard and dripping to the sound of my voice and the content of my words, was a byproduct of his understanding and acceptance of his true nature, and of the nature of our relationship. 

The stage is set.  Now we can play.