The sound of chains echoed though the house as you adjusted yourself to find comfort. Sipping my tea, the knowledge of the cold steel against your flesh brings warmth to my heart and the agony in your groin, a tickle to my soul.

Descending the stairs with cane in hand I consider to myself, “Would I rather beat him, or tease him this time?” I decide to go with the latter, knowing how very much he wants to pass this test, to hold himself back and prove to me that he is a good boy.

I release one of his hands, touch him and speak to him softly, and make him touch himself. He brings himself to the edge and then stops. I let him, for a moment, then demand that he continue. Again and again, until it’s time to lock him up once more and leave to let him wonder what comes next and when.

After five hours, the test is over. If he fails: punishment. If he succeeds, reward. His ability to control himself will dictate between two very different courses for our evening together. Drastically different for him. Fun for me either way. 🙂