“Would you prefer to talk a little or would you just like to start making out with my feet?”  I said with a smile. 

He said that he wanted to talk about making out with my feet, but truth be told there was very little talking.  I was wearing black, strappy high heels and a short skirt that didn’t bother hiding the thong underneath.  I removed my shoes and allowed him to take my feet in his hands.  He proceeded to slowly and sensually kiss them, making sure to cover every single inch of my soft skin. 

After he had finished giving me a thorough tongue massage, he laid back.  I rubbed my feet all over his face and body.  Sometimes I instructed him to open his mouth and stick his tongue out.  And sometimes I shoved my foot so far in, he would gag on it. 

Afterward, we thanked each other for a lovely time and parted ways. 

This was just one interaction that I had at this party.  I highly recommend it.

I have beautiful feet