Katherine: As in pure, royalty and torture.

I am a Dominatrix and Mistress with many years of experience. I enjoy sessions from two or three hours to several days.  I work out of multiple fully equipped dungeons and can travel regularly.

As a hypnotist and a dancer, I love to incorporate various states of mind into our work together.  As a sadist, I love to torment and tease, abuse and violate, beat, bruise and humiliate. As a lover of humans, I enjoy to nurture and facilitate a person in simply being themselves, that part of them that is always there, but seldom gets to come out.

I enjoy everything to do with psychology, altered states of mind and taboo. I believe that mindful, safe and consensual BDSM is very healthy and meaningful, and that it enhances our quality of life.

You can find my hypnosis site here.

Favorite Books:

  • Sex, Time and Power, by Leonard Shlain
  • The Unrepentant Whore, by Scarlot Harlot aka Carol Lee
  • Consensual Sadomasochism, by William Henkin and Sybil Holiday
  • Man and His Symbols, by Carl Jung
  • The Four Agreements
  • Trickster Makes This World, by Lewis Hyde

My Collarspace and Fetlife profiles are under DominaKatherine.  If you have any questions contact me. I attend the occasional munch, seminar, workshop and/or fetish event. Always ask permission before touching me(however I may not do the same) and if your joke is at my expense, it better be fucking funny.